HILuxury Magazine: Oct/Nov 2014

Hawaii’s own luxury lifestyle magazine. HILuxury is dedicated to high-quality editorial and visual content catering to all of Hawaii’s luxury markets, featuring articles on fashion, travel, homes, dining, cars, and social gatherings.

  • Fired Up! Turn up the heat with these spicy cocktails.
  • Lip ServiceLast season’s glosses and sheens can kiss off—here’s the latest to keep your pucker looking gorgeous.
  • Precious MetalsFrom fused metallic to brassy copper, these alloys cast a silver lining on your living space.
  • Stock OptionsWhether just once or once a month, these boxed goodies supply everything from delicious bites to dinner for two.
  • Techno PlayFitness buffs, take note: Kinesis Personal is a 360-degree smooth operator.


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