HILuxury Magazine: Aug/Sept 2015

Hawaii’s own luxury lifestyle magazine. HILuxury is dedicated to high-quality editorial and visual content catering to all of Hawaii’s luxury markets, featuring articles on fashion, travel, homes, dining, cars, and social gatherings.

  • Petal PushersLearn a few tricks of the trade at one of Paiko’s workshops. (Green thumbs aren’t required.)
  • Social in SeattleThe Emerald City’s “best kept secret” is perfect for creatures of tasteful comfort.
  • Thin is Out!Get to the root of hair loss—or, at the very least, make it seem less apparent.
  • Lighten UpBrightening and whitening agents that make other cosmetics pale in comparison.
  • Class ActsCulinary challenges, workshops and demos from top chefs—it’s time to get cooking.
  • CalendarWhat’s happening in the arts.
  • Mast AppealWhether yacht-tied or adorned with boating accents, these timepieces set sail.


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