Guadeloupe Guide

If you only have one weekend or a few days, stay at La Toubana Hotel & Spa***** in Sainte-Anne. You won’t regret it! While my address book for this neighbor island destination is limited to one, I believe that La Toubana merits a post of its own. This five-star resort with a private beach and panoramic poolside bar and restaurant has rightfully earned its reputation in the French Caribbean. And the value of La Toubana‘s food, drinks, service, and venue is certainly hard to top. La Toubana isn’t five-star for nothing.

Beachside restaurant
Gorgeous tropical fruit, included in the American-inspired breakfast menu
Local beer, La Corsaire, with a glass of Laurent Perrier bubbly—on the beach
Private beach, as the cabana beds, solely for hotel guests
You don’t even have to stick your toes in the sand.
Postcard-worthy seat by the sea
The best part about waking up at La Toubana is this colorful
(beachfront or poolside) breakfast.
And maybe this view
And then capping off the day with a glass of champagne at their panoramic bar…
Sun setting on La Toubana
Entering La Toubana after dark
Walk outside, and a stunning infinity pool awaits.
Table for two, please.
Edible gold on top of this dessert
And for the afterparty

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